Mädchenband aus Japan,
spielen Technopopmusik mit iPhone und SuperCollider (eine Audio Programmiersprache)

Craftwife is the Japanese girl band who plays 70-80's style techno pop music. They are using iPhone to control the synthetic music program which  is developed by themselves with an audio programing language "SuperCollider". Their works cut across the existing fields, such as music/audio, video/visual, design, fashion and languages etc. And they have been performing based on the concept "media and perception" and respect the split of "craft".


愛知芸術文化センター主催の若手アーティスト支援プログラム「第4回AACサウンドパフォーマンス道場」オーディエンス賞受賞。 みなさまの応援、ありがとうございました。
Craftwife got "Audience Prize" of sound performance dojo, an artist supporting program by Aichi Art Center. thank you.


Craftwife is an unique Japanese girl band that plays 70-80's style techno pop music in special costumes style after the German group Kraftwerk (though in miniskirts). Behind their attractive and catchy appearances, they are hiding the high technology and philosophy. They use iPhones to control a sound and music synthesis program and a realtime video sampling system, developed by themselves with an audio programming languages. Their works cut across the existing fields, such as music/audio, video/visual, design, fashion and languages, etc.

Craftwife was formed by a Japanese sound designer tn8 in the summer of 2008. Ten years ago, she listened to the fantastic sound synthesised with an audio programming language "SuperCollider" first time, she felt in love with it at that moment. Since then, she has been having a kind of a weird obsession with SuperCollider, stitching a code on a pair of socks, writing love songs for it and even passing out promotional tissue in support of this free software.  Craftwife's beautiful and unique sound is realised through the use of SuperCollider. Though mastery of that programming environment requires a high level of programming skill, these technical difficulty stimulates her logical creativity and it provides great flexibility. And she was enough smart to learn it. All of the sound of Craftwife is made with it; not only synth-bass and synthetic bright tones, but drum sounds and vocal vocoding as well. 
She plays not only the audio but also the visuals. Craftwife's performances involve one live member and two virtual "clones", produced using original real-time video processing system. The music and video programs are mutually controlled via an iPhone-based touch interface. 

According to their policy, Craftwife believes that their work should be seen live, and does not provide recordings of their music or performances. After some successful gigs in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka in 2008, they are finding new opportunities to play in all of the world.